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Our donors give the greatest gift that can be given, and we are incredibly happy that we with the contribution of our donors help both couples and singles have their dream child. Therefore, some of our donors are marked with a tag on the website that says “Only for siblings”. We have received some questions about this, which we would like to explain in more detail.

When a donor is marked ‘Only for siblings’, it means that units from this donor can only be purchased by customers who already have a child of or are pregnant with the help of units from this donor.

There can be two reasons why a donor is marked ‘Only for siblings’:

• One reason is that the donor has reached the limit for the maximum number of pregnancies / families per donor for a given country,

• Or he has reached SellmerDiers’ internal total limit of maximum 25 families per ID-release donor.

When a customer buys a unit from a given donor, we immediately reserve a pregnancy with that donor on that customer in our system. This is the way we can keep track of the fact that there are not suddenly too many pregnancies with the same donor. However, if the customer does not obtain pregnancy with the purchased units(s), we will remove the reserved pregnancy again, and therefore it is possible that a donor may be reopened after being marked as ‘Only for siblings.’

We hope that this explanation will shed more light on the concept of “Only for siblings”. You are very welcome to contact our customer service department at salg@sellmerdiers.dk, if you have more questions about the subject.

If those of you who have children with one of our donors would like to share your story with us and our community, you are very welcome to contact us at info@sellmerdiers.dk. We look forward to hearing from you.

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