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Please meet our donor, Morgan. Every month we highlight a select donor who has warmed our hearts in an extraordinary way.

Donor Morgan is an incredibly good-looking guy, and we can clearly see that he attends to his looks. He has nice brown eyes and light brown hair. His skin and hair have a beautiful golden and honey-colored glow. We think he looks a lot like the American actor Zac Efron. In addition, it is easy to see that Morgan takes good care of his body and that he works out several times a week. His body is both athletic and well-trained.

Morgan spends a lot of his time on his studies. He is an enthusiastic and determined student at a business school. He has a great drive and a very proactive approach to his studies and his future career. For example, he spent his entire Easter vacation learning how to program websites. In addition, he has chosen to have a student job where he can develop his skills in economics. Morgan is actually quite financially intelligent. In his spare time, he invests a lot in stocks, and he is really good at it. He thinks investing is exciting and he sees it as one of his opportunities to create his own chances in life. We are sure that Morgan will get far in his future career – at least he has the plan ready.

Also in his spare time, there is full speed ahead for Morgan. Among other things, he has bought a motorcycle, which he drives during summer and he loves to take trips into the Danish countryside. The freedom that the motorcycle represents fits Morgan perfectly. Morgan also loves to travel outside the country’s borders and preferably to exotic places. He has, for example, been to South Africa, where he also threw himself into new things and explored his own capabilities. On the trip, he discovered that he loves all water sports and that he is super good at kitesurfing. This does not surprise us. Morgan is also not afraid to push boundaries and he therefore chose to study and live a semester abroad in Germany, which he thought was a cool experience.

Morgan also has a soft side. He loves spending time with his friends and family, and he has also chosen to be very open about the fact that he is a donor. He has told his family about it and it means a lot to him that he can help people who cannot have children to have their greatest wish fulfilled. He is proud of the fact that he can help. Morgan does not have a girlfriend at the moment, but he tells us that he would love to meet the right girl and that he is looking for his one and only. It touches us a lot to hear him tell us about his quest for love.

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