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To be able to order units from our donors the donor needs to be ‘UK compliant’. This UK compatibility varies greatly depending on when you need your order to be sent. The UK has regulations in place that specify that any sperm sample must be at least three months older than the newest blood sample of the donor. We usually take a new blood sample on the donors approximately every third month. In addition, the HFEA requires that you can only choose ID-release donors. This means that not all our donors are UK compliant.

We therefore advise you to filter your search for the ID-release category. All our ID-release donors on the website are marked with a Union Jack flag. Some of these donors will have UK compliant samples available.

If you create a short list of potentially interesting ID-release donors, we will gladly assist with checking if they have UK compliant samples already. Most of our ID-release donors will have UK compliant samples available in the future, if they don’t have any available at the moment.

If you have found a potential donor on our website already, please contact us before placing the order, and we will check the donor’s UK status right away.

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